The language buddy that talks back. This voice-activated AI uses cutting-edge technology and gamification to motivate middle and high school students to learn foreign languages.
Motion Graphics, UX Design, Voice Design, Market Research, Script Writing, Storyboarding
Vaughn Meldrum
After Effects, Illustrator
6 Weeks


Language learning is increasingly important for success in the modern economy, yet many middle and high school students don’t have opportunities to practice speaking outside the classroom, causing them to struggle with conversation and retention. Yak!’s voice-activated artificial intelligence provides a unique opportunity for students to practice using language naturally, but the app needed a platform that engages as well as informs.


Through its bright, playful brand, delightful animation, gamified rewards system, and cutting-edge features such as real-time conversation and pronunciation correction, Yak! gives students the tools to succeed alongside the motivation to do so. This stakeholder-facing video highlights the utility and delight Yak! could bring to the primary and secondary education market.

Student work



16 years old
High School Student
On the Debate Team
Studies Mandarin

Madison has been studying Mandarin since Middle School and she loves it, but she wants something more challenging than a textbook to help her push her language skills to the next level.


12 years old
Middle School Student
Plays Hearthstone
Studies French

Emily just started learning French, and so far she’s just not that into it. She’s following along okay in the classroom, but she gets bored doing her homework and isn’t practicing as much as her teachers would like her to.


17 years old
High School Student
Runs Track
Studies Spanish

Blake started studying Spanish in High School and doesn’t enjoy it very much. He is often too nervous to practice in class where others can hear him, which causes him to often fall behind in lessons, homework, and overall retention.

Visual Style

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