Old Growth

An alcohol-alternative cannabis beverage that makes cannabis feel as normal as having a beer with your parents, but as inspiring as a journey into the woodland wilderness.
User Research, Packaging, Branding, Marketing
Brigid Slinger, Chrissie White, Cooper Sinai-Yunker
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
5 Weeks


How do you remove the stigma from a product that’s been taboo for most of your audience’s life? As cannabis is legalized across the country, the market faces a new challenge of overcoming consumer uncertainty, to bridge the gap between interest and purchase. Consumers in their twenties and thirties are key ambassadors for this change.


Through user research and shelf testing, I developed a brand that framed cannabis comfortably within the already-acceptable norm of beer consumption. By pairing the visual language of beer with aspirational brand storytelling and clear, concise instructions, I created a package that not only stood out on a shelf, but also helped first-time consumers feel confident about purchasing and consuming cannabis.