Poverty Next Door

This digital journalism series explores the impact of poverty close to home, in our own lives and communities.
Art Direction, Web Design, Front-end Development, Marketing
Figma, WordPress, Elementor, HTML/CSS, Adobe Photoshop
13 Weeks


When we talk about poverty in America, we often talk about it as if it’s happening to someone else — but nearly half of the U.S. population are low income. This special journalism series needed a visual and interactive package that conveyed its powerful message: the face of poverty is the one we see in the mirror.


This design focused on fostering a sense of intimacy, realism, and shared struggle between the subjects of each piece and the reader. Realistically colored photography reminds readers that income disparity is happening here and now, not in some far-off time and place, while a shallow depth of field creates a feeling of physical closeness. Subtle overlay and blur effects create a portal-like experience, as if the reader is clearing off a fogged window to look into each subject’s life.

Interactive elements of the user interface allow readers to tell their own stories of poverty and see those stories recirculated throughout the life of the project. Over 400 readers shared their experiences this way in just the first few months.