Dimension Magazine

Taking you beyond the small screen, Dimension is an entertainment magazine for people who want to think critically about their TV.
Layout, Branding, Art Direction, Content Strategy, Print Production
InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
11 Weeks


As the television industry diversifies, viewers expect more from the shows they watch — more depth, more complexity, and more nuanced analysis after the fact. Dimension is a magazine for a new breed of viewers that includes invested pop culture buffs and industry professionals alike. It needed a brand as hard-hitting as its articles, with visual design that added meaning and impact without distracting from content.


Using stylized, confrontational photography and an uninhibited color palette, Dimension conveys a sense of gritty realism balanced with larger-than-life visual metaphor and meaning. Layered, rhythmic layouts and a skewed masthead communicate the importance of depth and perspective to the brand. Its pages are as lush and nuanced as the articles within them.

Student work